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What is Newborn Posing Photography ?

Newborn posing photography is a specialized art that requires skill and patience from the photographer.

At Mommy's Photography Studio, we have both in spades. Our team has been trained to create the perfect atmosphere for your baby's session, allowing them to enter a deep sleep that will enable us to achieve those once-in-a-lifetime poses. We continuously strive to provide the highest quality of work, while ensuring that your baby is always in safe hands.


Such as the Froggy pose where the baby appears to have it’s chin propped up in the babies’ hands [Note: these complex poses should only be done by a professional photographer who is trained and experienced in posing babies safely in this manner – these poses are only safely done as composite images where the hands of the person supporting the baby are removed from the image in the editing process].

When is the best day for the newborn posing ?

We recommend scheduling your session within the first two weeks of your baby's birth.

During this time, newborns are more flexible and easier to position. Visit our website to see our stunning portfolio of newborn posing sessions and learn more about our photography services.


Almost all of the “sleepy newborn” shots you have seen on our website were done with newborns 14 days old or younger.  Except for specific condition baby.

We understand that HYGIENE and SAFETY are crucial during a newborn photography session, which is why we've been taking it seriously since 2017.

Our studio is equipped with the necessary tools to keep everything clean and sanitized.

Our team of professional photographers has years of experience working with newborns, and we will ensure the best quality photos while keeping your baby safe.

Newborn baby are growing fast, few months later when you view back the picture beautifully create.


It will be a very special gift for your little princess/prince!

We use only premium fabric, fur & props. Designer outfit made in Europe are available for select for FULL SESSION only.

Our package not just how many photos given, It's also including our :

  • TIME to create THE PERSONALIZE IMAGE for your newborn baby.

  • OUR KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE in newborn posing photography.

  • OUR INVESTMENT into HIGH QUALITY fabric, fur, clothes which is SAFE for newborn soft skin.


Mama Beryl

Worship the profession of taking incredible & beautiful pictures of my newborn. Thank you so much for ur service!

Mama Aquila

Recommended! For mummies out there, I really recommend u to appoint Shane as ur new born photographer! She is indeed a professional in handling baby, work with passion & patiently wait for my cracky boy to fall asleep. Can't wait to see ur awesome artworks! Keep it up!

Mommy Angela



Book with us as early as possible to secure your spot, as we only take a limited number of bookings per month, allowing us to provide the best possible experience for each of our clients.
But sometimes we do have free slots as every baby's EDD are uncertainty, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you just found us late!

Make sure you don't miss the perfect opportunity to capture those first precious moments of your newborn. We hear from many parents that they regret not pre-booking earlier, but you can avoid that by scheduling your session before your little one arrives!


Our Newborn Package starting from RM 1800.

Book before baby deliver for 5% Discount  !

Any others Inquiries welcome to let us know! We are happy to answer!

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